A Computer Weekly buyer’s guide to application modernisation


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        12 May 2020
        <h3>A Computer Weekly buyer’s guide to application modernisation</h3>

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        Unlike digital-first organisations, traditional businesses have a wealth of enterprise applications built up over decades, many of which continue to run core business processes. In this 15-page buyer’s guide, Computer Weekly investigates how organisations are approaching the modernisation, replatforming and migration of legacy applications. We look at the tools and technologies available, change management, and the use of APIs and containerisation to make legacy functionality and data available to cloud-native applications

            <h4>Table Of Contents</h4>
  • Drivers for app modernisation: Application modernisation is not something that just happens, nor is it just driven by digitisation and cloud-first strategies.
  • Combining the old with the new: How organisations can integrate legacy applications with newer digital platforms.
  • Overcome barriers to app modernisation: While everyone is talking about going cloud native, most businesses are not lucky enough to be able to start afresh. We look at how to take legacy applications forward.
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