Act fast and get a £60 voucher with TalkTalk’s bargain fibre broadband deals


With all the family Zoom events, online baking tutorials and non-stop Netflix binging, good internet connections have become an absolute necessity. But if you're current plan is coming to an end and that act fast mentality has kicked in then don't worry… there are some excellent offers out there right now.

Of all of the broadband deals readily available, TalkTalk's most recent offer seems like the best option for most people. It doesn't cost a penny upfront and the monthly bills come in at just £23.50.

At that price, this 18 month contract is one of the best value fibre broadband deals we've seen for a while, scoring you speeds averaging 38Mb. On top of that, for the cherry on the cake, TalkTalk is even throwing in a £60 reward card.

This offer will be coming to an end on May 20 though so you will need to act with some haste. We've listed both this offer and its closest competitors below for you to look through.

Act fast and get a £60 voucher with TalkTalk's bargain fibre broadband deals 2

TalkTalk's great value cheap broadband deal:

What other broadband deals are there?

As we mentioned above, Vodafone has the strongest competitor to TalkTalk's offer, bringing a £75 voucher to the table. That's on top of speeds averaging 63Mb, monthly costs of £22.95, no set-up fees and a further discount for existing Vodafone customers. However, Vodafone does operate on 24 month contracts.

Another strong fibre offering comes from BT. With speeds averaging 50Mb at a price of £28.99, BT is looking strong right now. Throw in the £80 Mastercard BT is offering and this is a solid choice.

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