Currys Bank Holiday sales: the best tech and home deals still available


The Currys bank holiday sale may officially be over, but we're still seeing a few last-minute hold outs here and there, offering some great discounts on a whole range of laptops, 4K TVs and appliances. Even though the festivities are over, we've still got our keen eyes zoned in on the Currys pages and we've found some great deals that are still worth your attention. So, no worries if you missed the big event itself, we've sorted all the best deals into sections further down the page and you can simply use the jumper links to skip to the section that's relevant to you.

We've also added some handy quick links just below where you can jump right to the relevant Currys pages and see the deals for yourselves. They're currently offering big discounts on computing, TV and audio, as well as small and large appliances.

If you feel like casting out a big net, then head on over to our main best bank holiday sales page, where we're checking not just Currys, but many of the big UK retailers – John Lewis, Argos, and Amazon to name just a few. So, if the cabin fever is finally getting to you, or if you've got kids to entertain, then we're sure we can help you out and save you some hard-earned cash in the process.

Currys online delivery service offers fast, free shipping on a range of tech gadgets and devices. We've rounded up the hottest offers available right now further down the page, but you can also jump straight to all the deals available right here.

Currys bank holiday quick links

Currys bank holiday sales: our picks

Currys online laptop deals

Currys online tablet deals

Currys online desktop PC deals

Currys online 4K TV deals

Currys online headphone and speaker deals

Currys online gaming deals

Currys online home appliance deals

Looking for more? We're tracking the best John Lewis online deals right now, as well as keeping on top of everything you can grab from Argos' online delivery service as well.

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