Apple to Ditch Intel Chips in Macs as It Consolidates Its Power

Apple confirmed on Monday that it would design the processors inside its new Mac computers, ditching Intel, its partner of 15 years, and completing a yearslong effort to control the core components underpinning its main devices.
Apple said that the first Macs with Apple chips wou..

How False Antifa Protest Rumors Spread

In recent weeks, as demonstrations against racism spread across the country, residents in at least 41 U.S. cities and towns became alarmed by rumors that the loose collective of anti-fascist activists known as antifa was headed to their area, according to an analysis by The New Y..

Japanese Supercomputer Is Crowned World’s Speediest

China and the United States are locked in a contest to develop the world’s most powerful computers. Now a massive machine in Japan has topped them both.
A long-awaited supercomputer called Fugaku, installed in the city of Kobe by the government-sponsored Riken institute, took fir..

Tech Goliaths Act Like Davids

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The American technology industry was built on the white hot rage of underdogs.
When Apple was founded, it mocked IBM as a bully that made terrible computers. Pipsqueak Google made Microso..

TikTok Teens Tank Trump Rally in Tulsa, They Say