Virgin Orbit Pushes Back First Rocket Launch From Jumbo Jet

Strap a rocket to the underside of a plane. Fly it up several miles. Drop it. The engine ignites, and the rocket and its payload zoom to space.
That is what Virgin Orbit, one of the multitude of companies started by Richard Branson, plans to do Sunday or Monday. It is a demonstra..

Moderna Vaccine Trial: How Upbeat Coronavirus News Fueled a Stock Surge

When the biotech company Moderna announced early on Monday morning positive results from a small, preliminary trial of its coronavirus vaccine, the company’s chief medical officer described the news as a “triumphant day for us.”
Moderna’s stock price jumped as much as 30 percent…

3-D Sound and a Zoom Apocalypse: The Plays That Come to Life Online

SHEFFIELD, England — There’s a voice inside your head, and it’s telling you the story of a man who went into the Amazon and came out with a new understanding of human consciousness. It whispers in your left ear, then your right. Then it seems to take up residence right inside you..

Tech Is a Citadel. Del Seymour Built a Drawbridge.

SAN FRANCISCO — On his walking tours of the Tenderloin, a historically seamy neighborhood named for a cut of beef, Del Seymour passes Boeddeker Park, now a verdant jewel of urbanity. Eleven years ago, it was a notorious hellhole where Mr. Seymour, then a crack addict, dealer and ..

Not Everyone Hates Remote Learning. For These Students, It’s a Blessing.

Salah-Deen Fouathia, an eighth grader at Voice Charter School in Queens, was struggling in school. It was hard to pay attention. Math was a challenge. His grades in health class weren’t great.
So when the pandemic closed all schools, reducing his classes to the size of a screen, ..

A City Locks Down to Fight Coronavirus, but Robots Come and Go