Max Schrems accuses Ireland of ‘Kafkaesque’ delay in Facebook GDPR investigation

Max Schrems accuses Ireland of ‘Kafkaesque’ delay in Facebook GDPR investigationPrivacy campaigner Max Schrems has urged the European Commission to intervene after the Irish Data Protection Commission allegedly used ‘Kafkaesque’ tactics to delay investigations into Facebook’s com..

When the C.E.O., Already Facing a Crisis, Gets the Coronavirus

Glenn Fogel was in crisis mode.
It was late February, and the coronavirus was spreading. Mr. Fogel, the chief executive of Booking Holdings, the online travel giant that owns brands like, OpenTable and Kayak, was spending nearly every waking moment at his computer a..

China’s Coronavirus Tracking Apps Stir Privacy Fears as They Linger

At the height of China’s coronavirus outbreak, officials made quick use of the fancy tracking devices in everybody’s pockets — their smartphones — to identify and isolate people who might be spreading the illness.
Months later, China’s official statistics suggest that the worst o..