Q&A, Alex Giordmaina, Giotech: How to get remote working right amid Covid-19

The lockdown enforced in many countries due to the coronavirus crisis has led to businesses – some of whom in an impromptu fashion – implementing remote working and working from home policies. As this publication has previously explored, this has resulted in a test of organisatio..

Chris Burtenshaw, Strata Security: On cloud and IT complexity – and keeping off the front page

Times may change, but standards must remain. Or, rather, technologies may change but user behaviour remains. Shadow IT has been in place at many organisations long before the launch of the smartphone, and attempts to take control of it, from the clunkily-named bring your own PC (..

How cloud computing is keeping us connected amid the Covid-19 pandemic

As governments all over the world implement lockdowns and community quarantines, people and businesses rely on technology to continue with their lives. Deprived of their usual ability to move around physically, they turn to the internet and various web tools to continue to work, ..

Pentagon rules that Microsoft’s $10bn JEDI cloud contract award was fair

A report from the Inspector General at the US Department of Defense (DoD) has ruled that the DoD’s award of the JEDI $10 billion cloud computing contract to Microsoft was fair. Following the announcement that Microsoft had won the contract back in October, Amazon Web Services (AW..

DivvyCloud: On automation, bill shock, and a three-point cloud security plan for Covid-19

Cloud and cybersecurity disaster stories are commonplace in the industry and among the journalists who cover it. While they may have the whiff of tabloid which makes them irresistible to the media – look who’s been caught with their pants down now – the problem is that they keep ..

Enterprises need cloud for innovation but security and automation gap remains, says report

The gap between the haves and have nots when it comes to enterprise cloud implementation continues to be ploughed: according to a new study from security provider DivvyCloud, less than half of enterprises polled are equipped to operate in the cloud securely. The 2020 State of Ent..

Enabling a more holistic approach to SD-WAN adoption: A guide

Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) has been all the rage for a number of years. We’ve all heard about the benefits: Optimising transport cost with Internet connectivity instead of MPLS. Application visibility. Simplified network management. To be sure, they are real. ..

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna cites ‘essential, ubiquitous hybrid cloud’ in first missive

IBM’s new CEO Arvind Krishna has written of the importance of hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) in the company’s roadmap going forward. In a letter to all employees dated April 6, Krishna’s first day in charge – and published on LinkedIn – the IBM chief executive note..

Cloud IT infrastructure spending stormed back in Q4 to secure modest yearly growth, says IDC

Total end user spending on IT infrastructure products for cloud environments recovered significantly in the most recent quarter bringing overall 2019 levels above the red line, according to IDC. Following two consecutive quarters of spending decline for server, enterprise storage..

Marriott reported another data breach: Why cyber risk assessment is important

In the aftermath of Marriott's latest data breach, how does an organisation check and validate its security infrastructure? The answer: cybersecurity risk assessment.

The post Marriott reported another data breach: Why cyber risk assessment is important appeared first on Cl..