Guaranteed Ingredient in Any Coronavirus Vaccine? Thousands of Volunteers

Not long after researchers completed their work with mice, guinea pigs, ferrets and monkeys, Human Subject 8, an art director for a software company in Missouri, received an injection. Four days later, her sister, a schoolteacher, became Subject 14.
Together, the sisters make up ..

Moderna Vaccine Trial: How Upbeat Coronavirus News Fueled a Stock Surge

When the biotech company Moderna announced early on Monday morning positive results from a small, preliminary trial of its coronavirus vaccine, the company’s chief medical officer described the news as a “triumphant day for us.”
Moderna’s stock price jumped as much as 30 percent…

How A.I. Steered Doctors Toward a Possible Coronavirus Treatment

How A.I. Steered Doctors Toward a Possible Coronavirus TreatmentSpecialists at the London start-up BenevolentAI helped identify the arthritis drug baricitinib, which is now part of a clinical trial.
VideoCreditCredit…Scott GelberBy Cade Metz
April 30, 2020In late January, resea..