When the C.E.O., Already Facing a Crisis, Gets the Coronavirus

Glenn Fogel was in crisis mode.
It was late February, and the coronavirus was spreading. Mr. Fogel, the chief executive of Booking Holdings, the online travel giant that owns brands like Priceline.com, OpenTable and Kayak, was spending nearly every waking moment at his computer a..

China’s Coronavirus Tracking Apps Stir Privacy Fears as They Linger

At the height of China’s coronavirus outbreak, officials made quick use of the fancy tracking devices in everybody’s pockets — their smartphones — to identify and isolate people who might be spreading the illness.
Months later, China’s official statistics suggest that the worst o..

Remember the MOOCs? After Near-Death, They’re Booming

Sandeep Gupta, a technology manager in California, sees the economic storm caused by the coronavirus as a time “to try to future-proof your working life.” So he is taking an online course in artificial intelligence.
Dr. Robert Davidson, an emergency-room physician in Michigan, sa..

Moderna Vaccine Trial: How Upbeat Coronavirus News Fueled a Stock Surge

When the biotech company Moderna announced early on Monday morning positive results from a small, preliminary trial of its coronavirus vaccine, the company’s chief medical officer described the news as a “triumphant day for us.”
Moderna’s stock price jumped as much as 30 percent…

The Drones Were Ready for This Moment

New Yorkers strolling along the East River early last month glanced up to see an unsettling sight: a mysterious drone claiming to represent something called the “Anti-Covid-19 Volunteer Drone Task Force” barking orders to pedestrians below to maintain social distancing.
“Please m..

Amazon Angles to Grab Back Customers

As millions more Americans turned to online shopping during the pandemic, Amazon struggled to keep up with the demand, and its rivals pounced. Target’s online sales shot up 141 percent last quarter, while Walmart’s rose 74 percent. Etsy’s were up almost 80 percent in April.
Now A..

Facebook Starts Planning for Permanent Remote Work from Home

OAKLAND, Calif. — Facebook said on Thursday that it would allow many employees to work from home permanently. But there’s a catch: They may not be able to keep their big Silicon Valley salaries in more affordable parts of the country.
Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, ..

Robots! (Don’t Get Too Excited.)

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We want cool technology like jet packs and driverless cars, and we WANT IT EVERYWHERE RIGHT NOW.
My colleague Cade Metz will kill your dreams.
He and Erin Griffith wrote this week about o..

Bethenny Frankel’s Dark Journey to Find Medical Masks

It was late March, with the coronavirus starting to peak in New York and hospitals already running short on supplies, when Bethenny Frankel, the entrepreneur and reality television star, received an email from a publicist offering her access to 500 million medical masks, or about..

Delayed Moves, Poolside Videos and Postmates Spon: TikTok Collab Houses Today

When Gianluca Conte, 20, a TikTok star with more than 2.4 million followers, left his home in Charlotte, N.C., on April 1 to move into a Los Angeles mansion with seven influencers, he didn’t expect to be largely confined to the property for months. Sure, California was under stat..