Gaining Skills Virtually to Close the Inequality Gap

When the word came in early March, Ashley Russell recalled his first reaction as “sheer astonishment.” Within a week, Year Up, a nonprofit job-training program in cities across the country, would go entirely online after being held entirely in person.
The promise of Year Up is th..

Remember the MOOCs? After Near-Death, They’re Booming

Sandeep Gupta, a technology manager in California, sees the economic storm caused by the coronavirus as a time “to try to future-proof your working life.” So he is taking an online course in artificial intelligence.
Dr. Robert Davidson, an emergency-room physician in Michigan, sa..

Not Everyone Hates Remote Learning. For These Students, It’s a Blessing.

Salah-Deen Fouathia, an eighth grader at Voice Charter School in Queens, was struggling in school. It was hard to pay attention. Math was a challenge. His grades in health class weren’t great.
So when the pandemic closed all schools, reducing his classes to the size of a screen, ..

Using Tech to Teach — Smartly

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Many teachers, children and caregivers who have to depend on technology for distance learning these days are miserable.
Ben Cogswell, a kindergarten teacher in Salinas, Calif., has nailed..

Desperate for Wi-Fi, Many Have Nowhere to Go but a Parking Lot

Desperate for Wi-Fi, Many Have Nowhere to Go but a Parking LotWith cafes and libraries closed, Americans without internet access are sitting outside them to get free and fast connections.
Beth Revis, an author, using the free Wi-Fi outside Mount Vernon-Ruth Elementary School in R..

Zoom Rushes to Improve Privacy for Consumers Flooding Its Service

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Continue reading the main storyZoom Rushes to Improve Privacy for Consumers Flooding Its ServiceThe features that allowed companies to hop on videoconferences also made it easy for trolls to hijack meetings and harass students.
Taking classes via the Zoom app. The co..

College Is Hard. Iggy, Pounce, Cowboy Joe and Sunny are Here to Help.

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With college campuses, those grand convening places, nearly shut down physically, administrators are leaning on artificial inte..

It’s Now Amazon’s Turn in the Spotlight

I’ll be chatting live on Twitter today at 3 p.m. Eastern time with Kara Swisher, a Times contributing opinion writer and a veteran technology journalist.
We’ll talk about how our relationship with technology and tech companies is changing in a pandemic, and answer your questions…