2,000 Free Meals a Night, Seasoned by Silicon Valley Chefs

PALO ALTO, Calif. — Andres Pantoja, an up-and-coming Silicon Valley sous chef, spent his pre-pandemic evenings delicately preparing the $115 plate of lamb chops and deboning the $42 Psari Plaki whole fish at a fashionable restaurant here. It is frantic work serving 200 upscale me..

In Lockdown, a Neighborhood Opens Up

The residents of Bernal Heights, a dense little neighborhood built around a grassy hill in the south of San Francisco, have been under lockdown a long time — since March 17, to be exact, when the city became among the first in the United States to shut down.
With incomes and free..

Thanks to A.I., Machines Get a Taste for the Right Kinds of Food

This article is part of our latest Artificial Intelligence special report, which focuses on how the technology continues to evolve and affect our lives.
Processing food is an intimate act. Consider the hands-on skills it takes to determine if a strawberry is ripe enough for picki..