Elizabeth Alexander on the Spectacle of ‘Black Bodies in Pain’

In 1994, Elizabeth Alexander, poet, scholar, and president of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation published “‘Can you be Black and Look at This?’: Reading the Rodney King Video(s).” The essay grieved the beating of Rodney King by four white Los Angeles police officers in 1991. It als..

Where Black Lives Matter Protesters Stream Live Every Day: Twitch

When Shawn Whiting began documenting the protests over George Floyd’s death late last month, he started by posting photos and videos on Twitter and livestreaming marches on the social media service.
But Mr. Whiting, 32, a video game designer in Seattle, quickly decided that Twitt..

Why Twitter Didn’t Label Trump’s Tweet on Martin Gugino

OAKLAND, Calif. — President Trump aimed his Twitter feed on Tuesday toward a 75-year-old man who had been shoved to the sidewalk and badly injured by the police in Buffalo.
Mr. Trump speculated that the man, Martin Gugino, could be a provocateur affiliated with an anti-fascist mo..

Police Protest Supercut Videos Go Viral

An officer shoving a protester to the ground. Two New York Police Department cars ramming demonstrators. Police using batons, bicycles and car doors as weapons.
These are becoming defining images of the protests against police brutality of black people that have swept the nation,..

Misinformation About George Floyd Protests Surges on Social Media

On Twitter and Facebook, hundreds of posts are circulating saying that George Floyd is not actually dead.
Conspiracy theorists are baselessly arguing that George Soros, the billionaire investor and Democratic donor, is funding the spreading protests against police brutality.
And ..