China’s Coronavirus Tracking Apps Stir Privacy Fears as They Linger

At the height of China’s coronavirus outbreak, officials made quick use of the fancy tracking devices in everybody’s pockets — their smartphones — to identify and isolate people who might be spreading the illness.
Months later, China’s official statistics suggest that the worst o..

Grandmother’s Refusal to Remove Photos From Facebook Tests Privacy Law

Handling pictures of children and grandchildren is usually a private affair.
Not in the case of one Dutch grandmother.
A woman’s refusal to remove photos of her grandchild on Facebook and Pinterest boiled over into court in the Netherlands this month, turning what started as a fa..

Why machines protecting themselves is the future of cybersecurity

Bottom Line: Existing approaches to securing IT infrastructure are proving unreliable as social engineering and breach attempts succeed in misdirecting human responses to cyber threats, accentuating the need for machines to protect themselves. Any nation’s digital infrastructure ..

TikTok Broke Privacy Promises, Children’s Groups Say

TikTok, the popular app for making and sharing short videos, has flouted an agreement it made with the Federal Trade Commission to protect the privacy of children on the service, a coalition of 20 children’s and consumer groups said on Thursday.
Last year, TikTok agreed to make m..

Q&A, Simon Cuthbert, Tenfold: On the problem of over-privilege and IAM best practices

To misquote Benjamin Franklin, in this world nothing can be certain except death, taxes, and security being the biggest concern for cloud migration. Flexera’s most recent State of the Cloud report last month laid it bare; more than four in five (81%) enterprises said security was..

Google Sibling Abandons Ambitious City of the Future in Toronto

Google Sibling Abandons Ambitious City of the Future in TorontoIn scrapping the project, the company cited the economic upheaval caused by the coronavirus pandemic, but critics say it was a loser from the start and a failure in “surveillance capitalism.”
What had been the future ..

Eager to Corral the Coronavirus, U.K. Tests a Disputed Tracing App

Eager to Corral the Coronavirus, U.K. Tests a Disputed Tracing AppThe British government’s tool to track infected people puts it at odds with Apple and Google on privacy.
Cyclists keeping distance in London last week. The government is moving forward with an app designed to track..

How My Boss Monitors Me While I Work From Home

LONDON — On April 23, I started work at 8:49 a.m., reading and responding to emails, browsing the news and scrolling Twitter. At 9:14 a.m., I made changes to an upcoming story and read through interview notes. By 10:09 a.m., work momentum lost, I read about the Irish village wher..

A $5 Billion Proposal to Fight Online Child Sexual Abuse

A $5 Billion Proposal to Fight Online Child Sexual AbuseNew legislation would try to curb the illegal imagery with record levels of funding for law enforcement. The bill, coming in response to a Times investigation, also calls for a new oversight position in the White House.
A ph..

A Scramble for Virus Apps That Do No Harm

A Scramble for Virus Apps That Do No HarmDozens of tracking apps for smartphones are being used or developed to help contain the coronavirus pandemic. But there are worries about privacy and hastily written software.
Gov. Douglas Burgum of North Dakota asked a friend, a software ..