NASA Picks Astrobotic to Carry VIPER Ice-Hunting Moon Rover

After sending four rovers to Mars — with a fifth scheduled to launch in July — NASA announced on Thursday a contract for putting its first wheeled robot on the moon.
Astrobotic Technology Inc. of Pittsburgh won a $199.5 million contract to deliver the robotic explorer to the moon..

The Drones Were Ready for This Moment

New Yorkers strolling along the East River early last month glanced up to see an unsettling sight: a mysterious drone claiming to represent something called the “Anti-Covid-19 Volunteer Drone Task Force” barking orders to pedestrians below to maintain social distancing.
“Please m..

Robots! (Don’t Get Too Excited.)

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We want cool technology like jet packs and driverless cars, and we WANT IT EVERYWHERE RIGHT NOW.
My colleague Cade Metz will kill your dreams.
He and Erin Griffith wrote this week about o..

A City Locks Down to Fight Coronavirus, but Robots Come and Go

If any place was prepared for quarantine, it was Milton Keynes. Two years before the pandemic, a start-up called Starship Technologies deployed a fleet of rolling delivery robots in the small city about 50 miles northwest of London.
The squat six-wheeled robots shuttled groceries..

Watch These Rover Models Wiggle Out of Alien Sand Traps

Driving up a sandy hill on a distant world is a good way to get stuck.
A decade ago, NASA’s Spirit rover died on Mars after it drove into a sand trap. For months, the mission managers on Earth sent commands for the rover to spin its wheels, but Spirit could never wriggle free. Wh..

This Was Supposed to Be the Year Driverless Cars Went Mainstream

This Was Supposed to Be the Year Driverless Cars Went MainstreamPerfecting the technology has taken longer than expected. The coronavirus pandemic has made it even more difficult.
Start-ups like Voyage, testing its self-driving car at an empty office park in San Jose, Calif., hav..

Robots Welcome to Take Over, as Pandemic Accelerates Automation

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Continue reading the main storyRobots Welcome to Take Over, as Pandemic Accelerates AutomationBroad unease about losing jobs to machines could dissipate as people focus on the benefits of minimizing close human contact.
An AMP Robotics system sorting recyclable mater..

Toward Computers That Teach Themselves

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Artificial intelligence seems to be everywhere, but what we are really witnessing is a supervised-learning revolution: We teach..