Throughput acceleration software for virtual servers – boost performance 30%+

AWS launches Snowcone for lightweight rugged edge computing

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced the launch of AWS Snowcone, a rugged device designed for secure edge computing and data transfer. The device, which arrives as part of the AWS Snow family, is aimed at collecting data from outside environments, such as industrial IoT use ca..

Why moving to the cloud requires a ‘change of business philosophy’: How to get it right

There’s no escaping it: to get ahead today, you need to have a hybrid, multi-cloud environment. Companies have long since noted the benefits of public cloud – and indeed, more than one public cloud for greater efficiency and optimisation. Yet it is not an easy process. An entire ..

Case study: How to quickly build and deliver a cloud-agnostic product

Sponsored Two years ago, Objectivity was asked to help deliver a new digital ecosystem. The client had a significant market share but wasn’t perceived as innovative or digitally-savvy. To counter this, they came up with the initiative to build a software platform which would mana..

Why cloud DBaaS is the future of database management for the enterprise

With on-premise database infrastructure and legacy systems slowly fading, agile, scalable, cost effective database management in the cloud is taking over. This is because organisations now understand that to adopt to the innovations in database management system (DBMS) they need ..

Q&A, Alex Giordmaina, Giotech: How to get remote working right amid Covid-19

The lockdown enforced in many countries due to the coronavirus crisis has led to businesses – some of whom in an impromptu fashion – implementing remote working and working from home policies. As this publication has previously explored, this has resulted in a test of organisatio..