3-D Sound and a Zoom Apocalypse: The Plays That Come to Life Online

SHEFFIELD, England — There’s a voice inside your head, and it’s telling you the story of a man who went into the Amazon and came out with a new understanding of human consciousness. It whispers in your left ear, then your right. Then it seems to take up residence right inside you..

Not Everyone Hates Remote Learning. For These Students, It’s a Blessing.

Salah-Deen Fouathia, an eighth grader at Voice Charter School in Queens, was struggling in school. It was hard to pay attention. Math was a challenge. His grades in health class weren’t great.
So when the pandemic closed all schools, reducing his classes to the size of a screen, ..

This Should Be V.R.’s Moment. Why Is It Still So Niche?

I have wanted to love virtual reality for a really long time.
More than two decades ago, when I was a preteen, I saved up my allowance to buy the original Virtual Boy, an early V.R. gaming console made by Nintendo. The Virtual Boy was an infamous commercial flop, with laughably p..

Zoom’s Biggest Rivals Are Coming for It

Zoom’s Biggest Rivals Are Coming for ItFacebook, Google and other behemoths are training their sights on Silicon Valley’s company of the moment.
More people are regularly using Zoom now as life has moved online. Its rivals are trying to get a piece of the action. Credit…Olivier..

Why Apple’s iPad Is the Gadget of the Pandemic

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Why Apple’s iPad Is the Gadget of the PandemicShelter-in-place orders have transformed the tablet computer from a superfluous device into a must-have.
Apple’s $329 iPad, attached to a keyboard, has long been treated as the “other” gadget.Credit…Jim Wilson/The New York ..

The Art (and Awkwardness) of a Virtual Haircut

SAN FRANCISCO — More than 20 days into San Francisco’s shelter-in-place orders, with hair salons and barbershops closed, I was resigned to growing out my bangs. But my husband, Matt, who had gone almost two months without a cut, began threatening to shave his head.
For weeks, he ..

Zoom Is Easy. That’s Why It’s Dangerous.

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The technology we love is easy to use. Paying the babysitter on Venmo, sharing a puppy video on Facebook or buying a novel on Amazon is a breeze.
Most of the time, this is good. But as th..

Zoom Rushes to Improve Privacy for Consumers Flooding Its Service

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Continue reading the main storyZoom Rushes to Improve Privacy for Consumers Flooding Its ServiceThe features that allowed companies to hop on videoconferences also made it easy for trolls to hijack meetings and harass students.
Taking classes via the Zoom app. The co..

The Lesson We Are Learning From Zoom

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The Lesson We Are Learning From ZoomThe popular app offered the simplest path to videoconferencing in a pandemic. That doesn’t make it the right path to take.
Credit…Glenn HarveyBy Brian X. Chen
April 8, 2020Ever since many o..