Amazon Angles to Grab Back Customers

As millions more Americans turned to online shopping during the pandemic, Amazon struggled to keep up with the demand, and its rivals pounced. Target’s online sales shot up 141 percent last quarter, while Walmart’s rose 74 percent. Etsy’s were up almost 80 percent in April.
Now A..

‘Way Too Late’: Inside Amazon’s Biggest Outbreak

Therese Kelly arrived for her shift at an Amazon warehouse on March 27 to find her co-workers standing clustered in the cavernous space. They were awaiting a buildingwide announcement, a rarity at the complex known as AVP1. Over a loudspeaker, a manager told them what they had fe..

Amazon’s Showdown in France Tests Its Ability to Sidestep Labor

PARIS — Workers at Amazon’s six mammoth French warehouses won some concessions from the company in late March: After hundreds of employees threatened to walk out unless the company better protected them from the coronavirus, the internet giant strengthened social distancing measu..

Making Workplaces ‘Safe,’ and Weird

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Businesses are making a zillion changes to try to protect returning employees from the coronavirus. Life at work may be unrecognizable.
My colleague Natasha Singer, who writes about healt..

When Will Companies Let Workers Back Into the Office

White-Collar Companies Race to Be Last to Return to the OfficeGoogle, Facebook, Amazon, Capital One and others are extending work-from-home policies to September and sometimes far beyond.
Credit…Jackson GibbsBy David Streitfeld
May 8, 2020Even as President Trump has said “we ha..

Senators Want to Know Amazon Retaliated Against Coronavirus Whistle-Blowers

Senators Want to Know if Amazon Retaliated Against Whistle-BlowersDemocratic senators sent a letter to the company asking for more details after it fired four employees who raised health concerns about its warehouses.
A protest outside an Amazon warehouse in Staten Island last we..

How My Boss Monitors Me While I Work From Home

LONDON — On April 23, I started work at 8:49 a.m., reading and responding to emails, browsing the news and scrolling Twitter. At 9:14 a.m., I made changes to an upcoming story and read through interview notes. By 10:09 a.m., work momentum lost, I read about the Irish village wher..

An Amazon Vice President Quit Over Firings of Employees Who Protested

An Amazon Vice President Quit Over Firings of Employees Who ProtestedTim Bray, an engineer who had been a vice president of Amazon’s cloud computing arm, said the firings were “evidence of a vein of toxicity running through the company culture.”
Christian Smalls, an employee at A..

One of Amazon’s Most Powerful Critics Lives in Its Backyard

One of Amazon’s Most Powerful Critics Lives in Its BackyardRepresentative Pramila Jayapal of Washington tried to keep her concerns about the company private. Now she’s going public.
“I try to have these discussions,” said Representative Pramila Jayapal of Seattle, who has met wit..

Amazon Earnings: Sales Are Up, but Company Warns of Higher Costs Ahead

Amazon Sells More, but Warns of Much Higher Costs AheadJeff Bezos, the chief executive, said the company could spend up to $4 billion to handle the effects of Covid-19.
Amazon on Thursday reported a 26 percent increase in quarterly sales from a year earlier but a 29 percent decli..